From A Distance

Recently I had a brief discussion with an American proponent of LGBT “rights”, someone who also strongly believes that there is wide-spread white racism in America.
Our exchange ended with him stating that we seemed to be worlds apart and that nothing he could say would convince me.
He’s right. Nothing he could say would convince me. But it is not because lack of openness on my part or unwillingness to consider his arguments. The reason why he couldn’t convince me is a very simple but powerful one.
It’s because I live in Europe, a continent where many of the socialist, statist and progressive ideas that are peddled in America now have been implemented a long time ago and they have failed miserably.
They’ve not only failed but they’ve made the lives of poor shmucks like me more miserable, more expensive, less free and more  oppressed.
From a distance I watch what’s happening in America. It’s easy for an American leftist to convince other American leftists how great these ideas are but they have a hard time convincing me because I have to live their crappy ideas. True, many Europeans have been indoctrinated, misinformed and deceived to such an extend that they think the solution for the problems created by those leftist policies are more leftist policies that are supposed to correct the former policies’ effects.
But at some point that becomes impossible because economic realities kick in (see Greece).
All this reminds me of the time when leftists, marxist professors and radical students in America and Europe were telling everyone how great the socialist system was and the only ones who didn’t recognize that they lived in a wonderful utopia were the poor shmucks living behind the iron curtain because they just couldn’t see how wonderful it is to wait for hours in a queue behind 20 other poor shmucks in a shop in order to buy a loaf of bread when all that the shop had were just 5 loafs of bread.
They were just too stupid to see how great it is to wait 20 years for a car.
They were just too stupid to realize how great a life without freedom is.
Yep, all those leftist preaching Marx didn’t go to the wonderful worker’s paradise but they chose to stay in the evil capitalist systems.
The bottom line: As long as the final stage (100% communism) is not reached the Left still may find idiots who are calling for more socialism but it’ll become increasingly harder to do so.

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