Waiting For The Big One

In a recent post I quoted an artcle from Judicial Watch.
That article described in detail that the islamic state operates two camps just a few miles from the US border.
No one who is remotely familiar with the situation on the US border should be in the least surprised.
Considering how easy it is to cross the border and considering that the current administration, like previous administrations, refuses to secure the border it is pretty clear that the islamic state already has placed terrorists inside the US. It is also very likely that the islamic state has some native born operatives in the country.
The islamic state itself has made it clear that they have their operatives in America.

Now, in order to defeat your enemy you have to understand your enemy.
To that end I highly recommend a 4 part video series on the islamic state produced by Mr. Tom Trento and his organization “The United West”.
Mr. Trento and his organzation are doing a phantastic job of publishing information related to the islamic threat, security issues and Israel.
They are connected to many high profile security experts and members of the intelligence community and you can find sometimes information on their youtube channel that you cannot find anywhere else.
The video series provides an excellent analysis of the islamic state itself as well as an analysis of their online propaganda magazine “dabiq” but they are each an hour long because Mr. Trento uses a unique style of entertainment and humor to make the sometimes gruesome stuff more bearable.
Here are the videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
If you want just the raw stuff you can go to the Clarion Project, another excellent source of information.
In a fascinating interview with General Farkash, former head of Israeli Intelligence we get the picture that among the jihadis there is a dispute between the external jihadis and the internal jihadis.
The external jihadis want to export the jihad now while the internal jihadis want to consolidate the islamic state first, creating an ideologically pure state and go on the global jihad later.
But while it seems that the internal jihadis are dominant for the moment, there is imminent danger for the West in general and for the US in particular.
Why? Because the Jihadis who despite being barbarians use the internet and social media as a tool for propaganda and recruitment masterfully, yearn for spectacular terror attacks in the heart of their enemy’s land in order to ensure a steady stream of recruits.
That’s all the more important when one considers that according to estimates 20,000 of their recruits come from outside Syria/Iraq.
Furthermore, spectacular terror attacks on the scale of 9/11 solidify their claim to the leadership of the islamic world.
According to an article from Clarion Project, published in April 14, 2015, the islamic state threatens a repeat of 9/11 in one of their propaganda videos.

So, we can expect that the islamic state will attempt something big and spectacular. Either one big terror attack or multiple coordinated simultanious terror attacks in America.
It’s not the question if that will happen but only the question when it will happen.
Knowing all this, the administration’s and congress’ failure to secure the border is criminal as is the media’s failure report on this dangerous situation and put pressure on the politicians in Washington.
In my posts I’ve made no secret that I think the current US President is a traitor but in all fairness I have to say that such criminal negligence, incompetence and arrogant ignorance of reality happened before in America’s history.
During the Battle of the Atlantic Britain had learned painful lessons when the German U-boats had decimated British merchant shipping. The Germans were able to sink so many British ships with impunity that they called this period of the war the “happy time”.
The Brits learned to reduce the German threat by having ships sailing in convoys and by using other counter-measures.
Immediately after the Germans had declared war on America, Hitler ordered the attack on America and many US ships were sunk by German U-boats.
The British recommended a list of proven counter-measures to stop the massacre.
None of these counter-measures were implemented by the US for several months.
Many lives were needlessly wasted and the Germans called this period of the war the “second happy time”.
Winston Churchill once said “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”.
Let us hope and pray that this time it will be different.

Americans have to prepare themselves for terrorist attacks.
What all American patriots and friends of America like me must do is to spread this information as much as possible.
Flood the internet and the social media! Make so much noise that the media cannot ignore it!
Maybe this time it doesn’t have to be spilled this much blood again to awake the sleeping giant.

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