Heart Of Darkness

Today an article in the Washington Free Beacon caught my attention.
The piece which I recommend to the reader tells us that North Korean soldiers, including elite troops, are now starving.
Of course, the civilian population is even more starving than the military.
Not only is the country the massive failure that any communist country is but it has so many soldiers that it has not enough farmers to feed them.

“Kim said the military, with 1.1 million active duty troops and 800,000 reservists makes up a significant percentage of the population but does not produce any food, so it faces chronic food shortages.”

I know that a brutal regime like North Korea can hold onto power for a pretty long time even if it’s civilian population is starving but is this not the time for the free world to bring this regime down?
Is this not the time to do everything to cause its collapse?
The fall of this regime would be a blessing for the West.
It would make the region more stable and a reunited Korea, modeled after the reunified Germany, would make it a natural ally of the West and would provide a counterbalance to China and Chinese expansionism.
It would also allow the US to reduce the number of troops stationed in Korea.
But even more important it would be the morally right thing to do because this is truly an evil regime.
Not only is the population starving and being oppressed while its “dear leader” is eating like a glutton, snorting cocaine and having fun with Swedish porn stars that are flown in just for him but North Korea is a country where the persecution of Christians is amongst the worst in the world.
According to Voice Of The Martyrs an estimated 30,000 Christians are tortured in four concentration camps.
This country whose leader is worshipped like a god is truly a dark place.
It is not only spiritually a dark place but it is literally, physically a dark place and the stark contrast between South Korea and North Korea can clearly be seen from space.
While South Korea is illuminated brightly North Korea is as dark as the sea that surrounds the Korean peninsula.
It is truly the heart of darkness.

Korea seen from space
Korea seen from space. Photo credit: NASA’s Earth Observatory

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