Let Me Be Perfectly Clear …

Whenever Barack Hussein Obavez uses the phrase “Let me be perfectly clear” you can be almost certain that he is about to lie.
We have become so used to this guy telling even more and bigger lies than Pinocchio and Baron Münchhausen combined that no one in his right mind can trust him on anything.
In his brilliant speech before The House Bibi exposed yet another big lie by Obavez without calling him directly a liar.
For years Obavez kept saying that he would prevent Iran from getting nukes, that his policy was not containment, and that the  military option was on the table. He even used his infamous phrase “Let me be perfectly clear.”
So, let ME be perfectly clear.
He is a liar because he will allow Iran to get nukes.
The deal he wants to sign will expire after 10 to 20 years (most likely 10 years) and after that the Iranians will be treated like any normal country and they can build as many centrifuges they want and enrich as much Uranium as they want (No limits. No sanctions). This means that they can build as much nukes as they want in 10 years.
So, he will NOT prevent Iran from getting nukes. His policy IS containment and the  military option is NOT on the table.

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