Infidel 44 – Joseph Stalibama’s War Against Truth

Most people who read my posts probably think that I’m a staunch conservative (in the American sense, not in the European sense), a devout believer in individual freedoms and rights and a sworn enemy of collectivism and totalitarianism.
They are right. I AM a staunch conservative (in the American sense, not in the European sense), a devout believer in individual freedoms and rights and a sworn enemy of collectivism and totalitarianism.
I guess, few would believe that this wasn’t always the case.
I guess, few would believe that I once was a leftist. Heck, it’s really funny that I’ve been called a biblethumbing redneck hillbilly, a zionist and all other kind of things which to me were not insults but compliments.
My conversion is a long story but in short, it was caused by two things: 9/11 and Child 44.
9/11 set a slow but steady process in motion and at one point it became clear that I never could get completely back to my prior beliefs but still there was in the back of my mind the diffuse belief that such a thing as socialism with a human face, some illusory utopia, was possible,
I always loved thrillers and so one day I came across the thriller “Child 44” by Tom Rob Smith.
This excellent thriller tells the story of a state security agent in Stalin’s Russia who hunts a serial killer of more  than 43 children.
The problem: In Stalin’s Russian Utopia crime officially doesn’t exist and therefore the state security does nothing. And so the hero of the story has to hunt the killer on his own, putting himself in mortal danger.
The danger comes mostly not from the killer but from the state apparatus who cannot tolerate anything that goes against the offcial version of the “truth”.
Now, I don’t suggest that anyone should base his world view on works of fiction even if it portrays reality accurately but this novel caused a lot of thinking on my part and at one point it made “click” in my head.
I realized that Stalin’s Russia was not some accident or some good form of socialism gone wrong but it was rather the inescapable ultimate and logical conclusion of socialism/communism.
A system that cannot work because it depends on demonstrably false assumptions about the nature of man and on many other demonstrably false assumptions is forced to lie and to redefine reality.
Such a system will inevitably become tyrannical and will repress the free expression of truth because such expression would quickly put an end to the system.
This was the final nail in the coffin of my leftist world view and from that moment on I’ve never looked back and I have never shed a tear but I enjoy my intellectual freedom instead because I love truth more than ideology.
In Joseph Stalin’s Russia crime officially didn’t exists.
In Joseph Stalibama’s America islamic terrorism officially does not exist.
I admit that we’re not yet at the point where people are killed for speaking the truth but the similarities are striking and freightening and it’s because I see where America is heading that I’m deeply worried.
Stalibama does everything to kill the free expression of truth.
He has put the FCC under pressure to implement “the strictest possible regulations” to guarantee “net neutrality”.
The FCC will vote on Feb. 26, 2015 on the implementation of massive regulations of the internet.
This insane drive to “fix” what is not broken will not only kill innovation, make the internet and internet services more expensive but it will without doubt be used to hinder free speech.
In the same way the IRS targeted certain political groups these regulations can be used to deny political opponents their right of free speech by denying approval of certain internet services for them.
Imagine what would happen if you need FCC approval for putting up a website and such approval would be denied. There goes your free speech.
I urge every American to do everything he can to prevent these FCC rules from being implemented.
Here is a good article on this latest attack on freedom: The FCC versus Internet Freedom

2 thoughts on “Infidel 44 – Joseph Stalibama’s War Against Truth

  1. Bravo, Artaxes! Thank you for the story of your “conversion!” I read that book too. I was struck by how the author made his absolutely surreal fiction about the mass murderer seem so horribly, coldly, utterly believable in the context of all that I’ve read on Stalin’s Soviet Union.

    I read all three volumes of Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago” as well as many other works of art or of historical recounting pertaining to the Soviet Union. In all cases, I was astonished at the sheer ubiquity of really savage cruelty in that sad, sad land.

    One doesn’t come out of a reading of “Gulag” as anything but “a staunch conservative (in the American sense, not in the European sense), a devout believer in individual freedoms and rights and a sworn enemy of collectivism and totalitarianism,” as you so eloquently put it.

    Then, if one studies more, one finds oneself confirmed in the new direction. Even more convincing are the writings and speeches of the supporters of collectivism and totalitarianism.

    The more one reads, the more one listens, the more one observes, the more one sees in the left’s efforts the same old, hoary, cruel story of humanity.

    America’s left today is the very definition of reactionary, old-time, long-discredited, antique feudalism. Of course, they call this backward-focused mish-mash of monarchy, dictatorship and feudalism: “progressive.”

    Great post!


    — x

    1. Thank you X.
      When one sees evil in the eye one has only three options:
      1. Deny reality and make excuses.
      2. Deny that it is evil, becoming totally immoral and an the process.
      3. Acknowledge it, understand its cause and fight it.

      I just couldn’t take options 1 and 2.
      Especially option 2 would have destroyed my soul.
      How can one see such injustice and cruelty and say it’s not evil?
      I could choose only option 3.
      We have today the same choice.
      But unlike then no one can have any excuses anymore.
      Unlike then the evil today is shown in all its barbaric cruelty in high definition on youtube and on TV.
      History and God will judge those who deny the evil of islam and its barbaric murders more harshly.

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