Sweden, Die Faster, Please!

Sweden is indeed a strange country. Being a constitutional parlamentary monarchy its policies have been dominated by the Swedish Social Democratic Party since the end of WW2.
The result was an all-encompassing welfare state, indeed a nanny state, that hit its first financial crisis in the 1990s. Though this forced the socialists to undergo reforms Sweden did not fundamentally change its established model of society.
The socialists/progressives took Sweden further down the road to national suicide.
They embarked on an insane policy of allowing mass immigration, mostly from islamic countries, in order to transform Sweden into a multicultural utopia.
This resulted in drastically increased levels of violent crime and antisemitism.
The Swedish City of Malmö has become the rape capital of Europe and Jews are leaving Sweden.
What was the socialist’s answer?
Restriction of free speech and silencing those who would point out the problems by implementing a form of censorship called political correctness.
For the most part the polical elites and the media kept silent and pretended that the problem didn’t exist.
Not only that, but the ruling elites answer was even more immigration which they will continue in the future.
But in recent years it has become worse, much worse.
The progressives have embarked on a new insanity, the gender insanity.
The goal is to “deconstruct masculinity” and force gender awareness upon everybody.
This starts in preschool where boys are punished for being boys.
They screw around with the gender identity of both boys and girls totally confusing both.
What they are doing to these poor kids is criminal, destroying them with their social engineering experiments.
I can describe this only as gendercide.
But progressives wouldn’t be progressives if they wouldn’t go much further, screwing with the kids even more.
They instill “tolerance” in the preschool kids by telling them “You can love the same sex or you can love the different sex. You can love animals. You can love no one. You can love in distance, living in differnt countries or you can love just yourself.”.
How utterly disgusting. Teaching children that bestiality is OK. What’s next? “You can love your parents?” (paedophilia). That wouldn’t surprise me in the least, knowing that progressives are perverts disguising their utterly disgusting perversion in the cloak of “tolerance”. My friends, this is no longer a minor thing. This outright evil of the worst kind. Messing children up in this manner is criminal.
I urge everyone to watch the video I’ve provided. May this raise your vigilance and help you protecting your children from such evil.
Sweden is THE model country for all the socialists/progressives around the world.
It saddens me to see Sweden destroying itself because everytime I visited this country I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of its people and the beauty of its nature.
But if the Swedes are really hellbent on destroying their country, if they really must commit national suicide, then they should do it as fast as possible.
This way they would show to the rest of Europe how the progressive multicultural utopia looks like.
This way Sweden would serve as a warning.
This way there would be perhaps enough time for other countries which are on the same path, albeit with a slower speed, to end the insanity and save themselves from destruction.

Sweden – The Feminist Gender Madness – A Documentary.

Pat Condell on Sweden’s insanity

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