Exclusive! How Japan Defeated Terrorism.

Today I want to introduce my readers to an extremely efficient, revolutionary strategy that Japan has developed and employed in order to defeat terrrorism.
Indeed, this strategy is so successful that the world can only watch in awe.
This strategy has the advantage of beeing very cheap and of having a success rate of 99.999 %.
It is so sophisticated and yet at the same time so simple that the rest of the world asks in great amazement “Why didn’t we ourselves figured that out? It’s so simple. It’s pure genious.”.
Enough of the introduction. Are you ready?
Here’s how Japan defeated terrorism: There are virtually no muslims in Japan.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive! How Japan Defeated Terrorism.

  1. @artaxes: extremely meaty response. I can think of a few problems in the implementation, but none in the moral sense.

    Your argument about diversity points to an important characteristic of today’s western left: They are awash in contradiction, which if addressed honestly, would bring the entire leftist edifice crashing down.

    For example: much of the appeasement about islam and muslims centers, as you correctly point out, on “diversity.”

    As more and more muslims arrive in the society, increasing its diversity, they increasingly squelch diversity in their own midst, and demand more and more stridently that society decrease its own diversity!

    The real lesson? The only lesson about “diversity” that there can be? “Diversity” — like gold, silver or platinum — has no intrinsic value by itself. It’s a thing that could be positive or negative — or both — in any society.

    However, the left has been strong-arming society into genuflecting before the altar of sacred “diversity” for so long that we do really stupid things in its name. Like pretending that muslims can successfully integrate into society today. Currently, that’s just not possible. The bast majority are either thoroughly cowed into silence about the huge jihadist numbers in their midst, or they’re actively or passively complicit with the murderers.

    That’s the only possible explanation for the silence of muslims today in the face of obviously hideous atrocities.

    That all may change in the future, but it’s an accurate statement of how things are today.

    The only inevitable conclusion: It’d be neither racist, nor xenophobic to seek to limit or diminish muslim representation in any society, but rather a commonsensical, rational response to a serious problem.


    — x

    1. I agree with everything you said.
      I agree especially with this:
      “The only inevitable conclusion: It’d be neither racist, nor xenophobic to seek to limit or diminish muslim representation in any society, but rather a commonsensical, rational response to a serious problem.”
      My intention was to show that there is an alternative way to prevent Europe from becoming islamic.
      My implicit, unstated assumption was that the Left would be the first to object to such a solution (“Discriminaton! Racism!”) and I wanted to show how we could use their own arguments against their objections.
      As you’ve pointed out. The Left is full of selfcontradictions and believes in selfrefuting ideas.
      That is THE main reason why they cannot have rational discussions and have always to ressort to logical fallacies and ad hominem attacks and to all kinds of childish behaviour.
      As Michael Savage put it so aptly: “Liberalism is a mental disorder”.


  2. Ya know? That just might do it!

    In a slightly serious vein… if the west started to do no more than make credible (<– key word) noises about taking seriously the idea of deporting muslims, the terrorism would stop overnight.

    Why? Those muslims who are not raving, spittle-dripping lunatics would immediately move against the psychos. After all, they — like just about everyone else in the world — appreciate the opportunities, stability and security they find in the west and in the USA.


    — x

    1. In principle that would work for countries with a very small muslim population like America.
      For Europe it’s a different story.
      The European elites are not even thinking of doing that because they fear the muslim reaction to such suggestions.
      They fear a muslim uproar and muslim riots if there were such suggestions made and so they keep on appeasing them.
      Their assessment is correct but their conclusion is not.
      With the jihad attacks increasing there will come a point when they have to make drastic decisions or else they would lose power to new parties and movements that want to stop the islamization of Europe.
      It all boils down to fear. Whom do they fear more? The muslims or the huge non-muslim majority?
      Given the higher birth rates of muslims compared to non-muslims the elites expect many European countries to become muslim majority countries in the future.
      And so they appease them preemptively. This demographic trend emboldens ‘moderate’ muslims and terrorists alike.
      Why should muslims integrate when Europe becomes islamic anyway?
      I guess our leaders are too stupid to recognise that there are TWO ways to prevent Europe from becoming islamic.
      1. Expelling/deporting muslims (that’s what they are afraid to do).
      2. Flooding Europe with NON-MUSLIM immigrants with equally high birth rates.

      Solution #2 could be implemented fast and would result in muslims becoming again just a small percentage of the total population.
      Simultaniously muslim immigration would be stopped.
      Europe should give refuge to all non-muslims persecuted in muslim lands and provide a safe haven for all non-muslims who want to leave hellholes like Nigeria.
      That would not only be a selfserving policy but a moral policy.
      All the Left’s arguments in favour of immigration would be used fully against them and it would hard to withstand the moral force of the argument.
      I’d love to see that. Imagine calling them racists and xenophobes.
      In addition there should be allowed as many non-muslim immigrants from around the world as necessary.
      In a very short time this solution would reverse demographic trends.
      I’m aware that this solution is expensive but I’d rather lose 30% of my wealth than 100% of my freedom.
      Furthermore this solution would make deep cuts in the welfare system necessary which would hurt muslims most because they benefit disproportionally from the welfare system.
      Such cuts would make it harder to live off the welfare while having four wives and siring as many children as possible.
      That would slow the growth of the muslim population further.
      Much care would have to be taken to allow in only immigrants that can be expected to integrate in European society.
      The criteria should not be based on ethnicity but on culture and religion.
      A portuguese-speaking, catholic, Brasilian Indio could be integrated much easier than an animistic Asian nomad from the Asian steppes.
      It would be totally impossible, indeed totally laughable, to call the proponents of such a strategy xenophobic racists.
      Those who would call such a strategy islamophobic could be beaten relentlessly on their heads with their own arguments.
      After all this strategy would increase diversity.
      “So, you want muslims in Europe because it makes Europe diverse.
      You as a multiculturalist say that diversity is good but you are against more diversity?
      What? Are you a racist, xenophobic pig?”

      Having drastically reduced the RELATIVE numbers of muslims (in say 15 years) with this perfectly legal, perfectly democratic and perfectly peaceful solution we could take steps to reduce the TOTAL numbers of muslims.
      Meanwhile I strongly suspect that the jihadis will force Europe to take much more drastic measures much more earlier.

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