The Progressive’s Creed

Common sense:
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Progressive’s creed:
If it ain’t broke, screw it up.

Progressives love to take things or systems that work and screw them up, supposedly to make them better (because nothing is perfect) or supposedly to achieve some grand ideals.
Inevitably these things are screwed up. Why? Because they didn’t want to make them better in the first place and neither was the goal some grand ideal in the first place but rather some goal that is never stated openly because most people would not agree with the goal if it were to be openly declared.
When they’ve screwed something up by radically changing it they never go back to the original state of affairs since that would be, well, not progressive.
They are offering ‘solutions’ for the problems they’ve created insisting on staying the course they’ve taken and so those ‘solutions, based on something that is fundamentally flawed, will inevitable fail.
Not only that but the ‘solutions’ they offer are, again, not aimed at fixing the problem but at achieving some unstated goal.
These cycle is repeated until either the madness is stopped or the Progressive’s unstated aim is achieved.
That’s why the “health care reform” screwed the health care system up.
That’s why this “reform” doesn’t achieve its stated aims.
That’s why it was not some great blunder brought by incredible incompetence.
Those who push such agendas through are not bothered by the horrible side effects of their “reforms” as long as their unstated goals are furthered.

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