Dealing With Thugs

Yesterday the Washington Free Beacon reported: “Reports: Top Iranian Negotiator ‘Frequently Shouts’ at Kerry, Western Officials “.

“Zarif screams so loud bodyguards have entered the room, Iranian diplomat claims”


“The report of Zarif’s aggressive behavior is consistent with previous reports claiming that Iranian negotiators tend to treat their Western counterparts—particularly the Americans—with scorn.”


“Araghchi further claimed that Kerry said very little after being shouted at by Zarif, except for “one or two very respectful sentences.”

Anyone surprised?
What else can you expect from a regime of thugs and bullies?
Anyone who is not totally blind can see them for what they are.
They put up a nice big smile for the photo shooting but they cannot fool those who have the modest knowledge of the mullah regime and its modus operandus.

Anyone surprised?
Thugs and bullies respect only someone who doesn’t take crap, who is able and willing to punch back hard and who can hurt them seriously.

This story is illustrative of the joke that these negotiations have become.
It shows us that the thugs have become so emboldened by the spineless behaviour of the West that there is no chance in hell that they make the concessions they need to make.
Expect to see the talks go on indefintely or to see a deal which practically gives the mullahs all they want.
Such a deal would be a disaster for the West.
If such a deal were reached expect also to see how the US emperor would try to sell it to the US and the world as his landmark foreign policy achievement.
Expect him to lie and decieve. Expect to be gruberized.

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