ISIS gave us a tremendous weapon. Use it!

I wonder who came up with the acronym ISIS.
Was it one of their media-savvy or tech-savvy barbarians?
Note, I define a barbarian as someone who is uncivilized, not someone who lacks technical skills.
Was it a western journalist who wanted to come up with a catchy acronym?
Anyway, Whoever came up with the name ISIS, he gave us a tremendous weapon to be used in the information battle.
No matter who it was who used it first, these islamic barbarians where perfectly happy with it because it drives the point home that they view themselves as the representatives of true islam.
And they are the truest followers of islam, following the quran and the hadith to the letter.
It is a media weapon because it belies the statements of politcally correct liars or apologists that ISIS has nothing to do with islam. It supposedly has nothing to do with true Islam anyway.
So, whenever you are in a conversation, NEVER use the acronym. ALWAYS say: the islamic state.
The usage of ISIS, ISIL and IS has become so pervasive that is unlikely to go away, which is a good thing because it is more difficult to use new labels and acronyms for this group.
There have been many islamic terrorist organisation before but none of them has made it so hard for the liars in the media to deny the underlying ideology of the terrorists group in question.
Words have effects. Words influence the way you think.
No one has understood this better then the Left. From its inception it has redefined and perverted the language. That’s the whole point of polticial correctness.
Take for example the ugly act of abortion. Abortion is nothing but the murder of an inncocent human being.
How has the Left perverted the language? They are always talking about the women’s right to choose!
The right to choose. That sounds positive, doesn’t it?
Of course, it sounds only positive because they always fail to mention that the right to choose violates the right of another human being to live.
So, next time someone asks you “Are you against the women’s right to choose?” answer with the question “Are you against the children’s right to live?”.
So, let’s use language as a weapon in this battle for truth. Not by perverting language but by spelling out the truth.
As for me, I will never again use the acronym, but I will always say: “The islamic state”.
And if someone takes issue with that I’ll ask him what the acronym means.
I’ll ask him why he is not talking about SIS or SIL or S.
And if he still doesn’t get I’ll tell him that this is what they call themselves.
If he still takes issue with that, I’ll tell him that he should complain to them and not to me but I will still continue to call them “The islamic state”.
If many of us do this, it WILL have an effect. Believe me.
The islamic state handed us a weapon. Use it!

Must Watch: The Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration In America

Tom Trento is doing an outstanding job in exposing the Muslim Brotherhood infilitration in America (like he is doing in the following video).
Please spread this as much as possible.
One cannot understand US foreign policy these days without understanding the MB infilitration in the highest levels of power.