Why me?

Recently I watched this unique interview with Neil Armstrong and enjoyed it very much.
One of the things that makes this interview so unique is the part starting at 41:46..
They show the film taken through the window of the lunar lander side by side with a simulation from Google Moon for the last 3 minutes of the descend to the lunar surface with Neil Armstrong commenting on all the important phases of the descend.
This should put the final nail in the coffin of the moon hoax conspiracy theories spread by all those lunatics but I guess no amount of evidence will ever convince them.
Anyway, what really struck me is how humble Neil Armstrong is. He is a great man.
According to him it was chance that put him on that place that day.
At this moment I thought what I would ask myself if I were the first man on the moon.
I would ask: Why me?
I’m speaking now only for myself. I’ve had my fair share of misfortune and pain, some of it self-inflicted but I’m not complaining.
That’s life. We all must deal with it. No exceptions. Even the rich, powerful and priveledged must deal with it.
But I realize that I’ve had sometimes asked “Why me?” when something bad happened to me while I’ve almost never asked the same question when something good happened to me.
So, next time something wonderful happens to me I’ll ask: “Why me?”.
Thank you, Lord.