The Foolishness of intelligent People

When one looks at history one sees often otherwise intelligent people doing stupid things. This is because there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom.
For even intelligent people are mislead by their passions, desires and ambitions or simply by the dark side.
Even intelligent people can be deceived or see only what they want to see.
A good example is this video. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching this video.
You will learn a lot about the geostrategic thinking behind the Iran policy of the US administration.
You will see two intelligent gentlemen from STRATFOR discussing the future of US/Iran relations in a very academic fashion.
I’ve noticed right away four obvious follies.
1. The idea that an appeased Iran would take the pressure by Hizbollah off Israel.
2. The idea that Russia wanted the US to become more involved in Syria.
3. The total absence of China (an important world power) from their discussion.
4. The total neglect of the ayatollah’s religious totalitarianism and its expansionist nature as well as their apocalyptical eschatology, not to mention their genocidal dreams with regards to Israel.

Nevertheless you will learn a lot from these two experts.
What is also obvious is, that these days the term “Grand bargain” and the idea of such a “Great bargain” is more and more floating around, when I showed in an earlier article that this idea was first brought up in public since at least February 2013 and that it was conceived much earlier although it was on no one’s radar at the time. This fact makes it clear that the US will never stop Iran from realizing its nuclear ambitions but it was decided long ago that the US will pursue appeasement of Iran.

I couldn’t find the original video, so I post this one which contains the complete video from STRATFOR.
The video begins at 02:35 minutes.

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