Taking the initiative

It has long been complained that the Saudis have way too much influence in Europe because of the European dependency on Saudi money and on Saudi oil.
The Saudi influence in Europe is indeed way too great and it has found its expression in the rapid islamisation of Europe, the creeping indroduction of Sharia courts in Britain, the appeasement of Islam, the oppressive use of political correctness, the systematic disinformation about islam and the suppression of free speech.
All this is true. All this is bad.
But why not use Saudi influence for something good for a change?
Anyone who cares about the Iran/Israel conflict cannot fail to notice that the focus of discussion has been almost exclusively the Israeli military option and various scenarios.
This obvious neglicence of the diplomatic and political options has come back to haunt us.
In the current situation the problem for Israel is not so much how to strike Iran militarily.
The problem is that the political circumstances (the appeasement negotiations with the West) make it diffcult for Israel to actually execute this plan and if it is actually executed the tremendous negative poltical consequences.
Israel cannot rely on the current US administration for support in the UN.
How could the Saudis help?
The Saudis have a shared interest with Israel to prevent a nuclear Iran and so they would love to see an Israeli strike on Iran.
Israel should seek the help of the Saudis who have a tremendous influence in Britain to use all their influence in Britain to ensure British support in the UN security council.
As permanent member of the security council Britain has the power to veto any anti-Israel UN resolution that no doubt would be put before the UN after any Israeli strike.
Israel should not wait passively but take the initiative to create the conditions that would enable a stríke.

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