With allies like this …

who needs enemies.
Turkey’s alleged exposal of Israeli informants in Iran shows how dangerous the Erdogan regime is.
Needless to say that the Saudis won’t be amused as well.
But it is not only Israel that experienced behaviour that you wouldn’t expect from an ally.
Time and time again has Turkey shown such behaviour in the past.
The newest such act is Turkey’s decision to buy Chinese missile defense systems instead of NATO systems.

The National Interest: Did Turkey Just Let a Chinese Trojan Horse into NATO?


One thought on “With allies like this …

  1. The Erdogan regime is dangerous because its PM – Erdogan – is, in fact, a cretin who thinks he is smart and charismatic. The people of Turkey will suffer because they have such an idiot as their PM.
    The secret service of this country, Turkey, burnt itself to the roots after such an act. Its practically incredible that such a story did actually took place. No international serious secret service will ever cooperate with them. End of story. Broking Israel a nail while broking themselves both legs. Typical muslim mentality which make them dangerous(their stupidity). I’m really sorry I got a little harsh on this one, but I still feel I didn’t use all my ”metaphors” I should use. Revolting issue.

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