Too painful

It is almost certain that Khamenei will not be willing to write off the billions of dollars that Iran has already invested in its nuclear program just for the end of sanctions but this news article reminds us how painful any deal, even a phony deal, with Iran will be.
The reason is simple. A regime that instigated hate with chants of ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ until very recently will have a very hard time to convince its hard core base that they suddenly will make a deal with the ‘Big satan’.
A regime that until very recently told us that nothing has changed under Obavez is now going to make an honest deal with the US?
It is one thing to tell the ruling elite in secret (like Arafat did) that the deal is simply a strategic move to reach the goal that has not changed.
It is another thing to convince the masses of fanatics that the regime itself has created that the ‘Big satan’ suddenly changed.
They cannot tell them in public that a deal with the US is simply strategic.
But maybe they can do even this. Maybe the West is stupid enough to ignore such public declarations and cling to the illusions that it needs to justify its utter appeasement and surrender.

sify news: Top Iran diplomat in hospital over US ‘misquote’

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