’67 and Now

I see many similarities between Israel’s situation prior to the six-days-war and now but there are also some big differences.
We have a country (Iran) that aspires to become the regional dominant power and also by destroying the state of Israel to become the leader of the islamic world.
Iran has made its intention to eradicate the Jewish state clear in the past.
Using its proxies Hizbollah and Syria and possibly Hamas to tighten the noose ever closer they are pursuing the slow track to Israel’s destruction.
Getting nukes would open them the fast track to Israel’s destruction or it would accelerate the ‘slow track’.
Luckily Israel has the means to stop Iran if it doesn’t wait too long.
The biggest difference between then and now is that the mullahs have chosen to thinly veil their intentions by putting a smile on their face and declaring that all they want is peace.
Khamenei is playing a very smart move by allowing Rouhani to pursue his show that is designed to create a false impression of willingness to compromise and a willingness for reconsiliation.
By allowing Rouhani to play the game that is designed to ease or abolish sanctions sanctions while not substantially reducing Iran’s ability to pursue nuclear weapons he takes off pressure on the regime by the population that is suffering from the sanctions.
Of course, they cannot fool all those with eyes to see but they can fool those who want to be fooled because they have chosen the path of appeasement like the US and Europe.
Another difference is that while the US then simply chose to stay out of the conflict neither supporting or opposing Israel now the US has taken a more dangerous position (for Israel) by pursuing appeasement that would legitimize an Iranian nuclear program that allows them to pursue their nuclear ambitions and thus be an active support for their aspirations.
Ok, Ok maybe I’m too fast to draw conclusions but everything we see, the soft and often inconsistent stance of the US and the desastrous precedent of Syria with its desastrous consequences for the trust, credibility and respect for the US as well as the ever louder background choir of those in the US who want containment points strongly in that direction.
That is why I’m pretty convinced that I’m right on this one.

3 thoughts on “’67 and Now

  1. …Of course that now is not worth waiting for the sanctions to finish Iran. In the actual constellation, the sanctions will fall by themselves, that what I already written. I also said that only if the actual sanctions would continue to bite the Iranian regime, only then Israel would wait with the military path. But in the actual conditions, a military strike is inevitable.

  2. I’m afraid it’s there is not enough time to wait until Iran implodes because of the sanctions.
    Concerning Mr. Hope and Change, the US didn’t even need to take Iran out themselve it would have been enough if the US had made a credible assurance that they support the Israeli military option. That and the sanctions would have been enough to make the Iranians think.
    With his ambiguous and sometimes hostile policies towards Israel he did the exact opposite.
    Anyway, the military option ís the only realistic one now.

  3. Until the Syrian crisis, the Israeli leadership – politically and military – build their strategy on strong threats and a viable military option, corroborated with strong sanctions -designated exactly to avoid the military path – and taking into account the US that, eventually, will do ”its job” and will clear Iran from its nuclear facilities in one rainy day. The Syrian crisis came as a formidable blow which shattered the very base of this conception, which was the US intervention. After that cold shower, Netanyahu really understood – if he still have had doubts – that Israel is really alone facing Iran and now, after the circus with the hugs, smiles, kisses and stuff is in full gear as the sanctions will fall by themselves, the military option is on Israeli leadership desk and its only a matter of time when the operation will be executed.
    If the sanctions were left in place, no Israeli military options would ever be implemented because Iran should implode, in that case, economically, and no war was necessary. But with the actual new friendly atmosphere, the sanctions will fall ”naturally”.
    All this mess and more, the war that will eventually spark in our region is because of one man, that man, Obama, which is so busy to destroy the US from within, that he left all the international political issues to be solved in hell by his best F(r)iend.

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