One thought on “UPI Outside View: Iranian horror movie turns reality

  1. Even if Netanyahu would not refer to Israel as the last western civilization stronghold against the Iranian’s nuclear ambitions, we knew that already. Throughout his last UN speech, the Israeli PM tried – and succeeded, in our opinion – to revamp the Israeli military option if all else fails. And this option is less science fiction than many believe. It may become reality tonight, tomorrow morning, in a couple of month or deep in 2014. The essential element which people are not understanding is that Israel cannot – even if it wished – to live with a nuclear Iran. And not only Israel. Arab Saudi is already in a strategic bad position regarding Iran, because the US has, in fact, abandoned the Gulf Countries. And the Saudis don’t have the Israelis military capacity to make a stand against Iran. This is the reason behind the support the new Egyptian leadership got from the Saudis, even though the Brothers were almost liquidated in Egypt (politically). So, in a certain period of time, Israel will have to make good of its military threats against the Islamic republic because there is no other power left in the region to confront the Iranians ( after Syria crisis its clear that the man from the White house will not initiate any move against Iran ).
    If this is the situation, its interesting to speculate how an Israeli blow on Iran will look like.
    1.In our opinion and because the multitude of the targets, the distance and the scope of the operation, the strike will be open by a Jericho missiles salvo against the Iranian missiles silos, airfields and power stations; all the military assets of Iran will be targeted by the Israelis long range missiles. A certain part of the Iranian nuclear program will be targeted in this opening phase of the operations.
    2.After this opening strike, swarm of bombing drones will follow, completing the job and transmitting photos of the sites of interest after the initially phase.
    3.In the next stage, the IAF will enter in the Iranian aerial space, for the finishing move. Sites which were only partial damaged in the opening phase will be now destroyed by the Israeli bomber fighter jets.
    3.The Iranian electric power will also be targeted in the opening move and, as a consequence of certain Israeli capacities, the Iranians will be blinded from the start.
    There will be no surgical operation in Iran. We hope to return and trying to asset the situation in the region after the Israeli operations in Iran.

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