Binyamin Netanyahu at the UN: this year, a voice in the wilderness

The Guardian: Binyamin Netanyahu at the UN: this year, a voice in the wilderness

Israel’s western allies are cautiously optimistic about Iran’s new diplomacy. But Bibi believes Tehran is bent on destroying Israel

4 thoughts on “Binyamin Netanyahu at the UN: this year, a voice in the wilderness

  1. Very strong, impeccable rhetoric and the punch line, all those and more were present in Netanyahu’s speech. The readers are also invited to compare our pre – speech points (above) with the speech itself. Anyhow, the idea that ” Israel will confront Iran alone if Israel will have to ”, this punch line will echo in the relevant ears in the near future.

    1. Yep, you made a pretty good prediction.
      Have watched most of the speech and read the whole transcript. Impressive.
      Though I hoped that he would expose Iran further by sharing more intelligence (maybe that’s what he did with Mr. Hope and Change with his intelligence dossier), which I think you hoped as well, he delivered the most important points.
      1. Israel will not allow Iran to get nukes.
      2. If Israel has to stand alone, it will still stand alone.
      And he didi it in a strong manner, no waffling like Obozo.

      Point 2 makes it clear that no matter how passionate “Mr. Hope and Change” and “Mr. Hope and Change 2.0” dance the tango, he will turn out the music if he has to, no matter how mutch the audience love to see them dance and no matter how much they will be pissed off because he smashed the HiFi amplifier.

  2. A serious article, but no more than that. Before this ”yelling in the dark” – as it is considered by most of the western analysts the upcoming speech of the Israeli PM – lets not think – yet – about a geopolitical epitaph regarding Netanyahu. The following points are relevant, in our appreciation:
    1. Netanyahu will bring new facts regarding the Iranian nuclear program. Part of those facts he already presented to the US president who is interested only in the diplomatic path and he – Obama – will never do the same mistake which he did in Syria’s case: obliged himself to act by a ”red line”. So no matter what Netanyahu will say to Obama, no matter what Netanyahu will disclose to Obama, the Israeli PM will get a cold shoulder and a remote face expression. Obama is, in fact, despising Netanyahu more than he ever was concerned by the Iranians.
    2. Many Israeli analysts are considering that the peak was yesterday evening when Netanyahu was in the same room with Obama and this evening speech is almost a formality, because Israel is in such a difficult position – they say – that no speech, even a Netanyahu speech, can save the political strategic situation for Israel. This consideration is a mistake, in our opinion, because the Israeli PM is going to surprise – again – the international community.
    3. Netanyahu will open his speech in a relatively cool manner and after he will say that the Iranians will be judged by their deeds and not by their words, the Israeli PM will switch to the counter attack while exposing the last info ”scoop” regarding the Iranian nuclear military project. The situation in Iran is so grave that the military Israeli option is the last resort in front of a nuclear Iran – will say Netanyahu. He will let the UN assembly to understand that this time Israel is without any other option, if the international community will continue to ”save all their kisses for the Iranians”.
    4. Netanyahu will also expose the Ta’aruf – the Iranian word for Deception – in which the Persians are masters.

    Netanyahu will refresh a real, living military threat, reminding to the Europeans that the more hugs they will give to Iran, the more close the Israeli operations in Iran are.

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