As expected, containment is where we are heading

The backround music for this soap opera that is called “Clueless in Tehran” is becoming louder and more distinguishable.
At first it was only recognizable for the trained ear but by day the volume is rising so that even the layman can hear it loud and clear.
We’re heading for containment or a lousy, phony deal.

New York Times: Short of a Deal, Containing Iran Is the Best Option

3 thoughts on “As expected, containment is where we are heading

  1. Sorry for this off topic entry, really. I just posted my conclusions on that ”internet troll” ”Prophet” on Joseph site, because of his latest methods and affirmations. If you’ll have time for this, may be you’ll take a look on that.

  2. The bottom line of this article is, in fact, that US might be deterred by an after action, reaction of the Iranians, when and if the US will strike – if any. America will never strike Iran. America wasn’t even capable – politically – to strike Syria and now should we expect US military action over Iran? That is not going to happen. There will be talks, the new Iranian ”Prince Charming” will smile and shake hands, but let it be no doubt: the Iranian nuclear project will continue as usual, with some cosmetic moves, may be, to show the west the Iranian ”good will”. If no miracle will take place, than a decisive Israeli move is to be expected in a certain frame of time.
    The Israeli strike wont be a scratch, it wont be ”incredibly small”, it wont be ”discrete” and it wont show compassion. Israel will eventually strike Iran with its full military force and it will use conventional assets. Iran will be left with no electrical power, and without a significant capacity to respond. In fact, they might be need to rediscover the fire. The Iranian situation after the Israeli military action will serve as an example for what will happen to a state which threatened Israel with destruction in modern times.

    1. I completely agree.
      It’s not going the happen. Obavez will be too happy to grab the face saving deal that the Iranians will throw at him like the bone for a dog.
      And it won’t matter how lousy the deal will be. The media and his team will put the right spin on it so that it will look palatable and even impressive.

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