Antifa claims that it fights Fascism. Is this really true?
Let’s forget for a moment that Antifa uses the same methods that Fascists and Nazis use.
Let’s forget for a moment that Antifa displays the same intolerance and hate that the Fascists and Nazis do.
If Antifa was truly about fighting Fascism it would welcome with open arms people from across the whole political spectrum in its ranks.
It would welcome Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives. Among the people mentioned there are plenty who are vehemently opposed to fascism.
Instead, Antifa attacks conservatives and everyone else who does not support their radical leftist goals.
The people who really DID FIGHT Fascism during WW2 would be smeared today as Fascists and racists.
The boys and men who fought and died on the beaches of Normandy, in the hills of Italy and in the forests of France, under the very flag that Antifa defecates upon.
The boys and men who freed human beings in Germany’s concentration camps, they would today be considered Fascists by Antifa.
And it wouldn’t matter whether these boys and men were Democrats or Republicans because, thanks to the constant left shift of the political spectrum, most Democrats and Republicans in these days were politically to the right of Donald Trump or moderate Republicans today.
No, Antifa is a collection of radical leftists and admirers of Stalin and Mao who want to create a world that is not much different from the world that the Fascists wanted to create.
So, let’s call it not Antifa. Let’s call it what it really is: Prostata. The pro-Stalinist terror association.


The moderately extreme Left, the extremely extreme Left, indeed all of the unamerican American Left as well as black racists and white racist Democrats are going completely bananas these days.
They are going full Taliban / Islamic State.
Like these barbarians they are beginning to destroy all works of art that represent something they don’t like.
I have to ask all you leftist and antiwhite racists:
Why stop at confederate statues?
Why not destroy ALL symbols of slavery?
Why not blow up the pyramides of Egypt?
After all, the pyramides of Egypt are the biggests symbols of slavery.
They were build by slaves for the biggest, unapologetic slave owners, the pharaohs who viewed themselves as gods and the rest of humanity as slaves.
Don’t give me the crap that this would violate Egyptian or international law. You don’t care about the law anyway. You are already tearing down statues illegally.
That would be an act of violence? So what! You are already committing acts of violence by destroying art you don’t like.
So, you leftists out there, why don’t you call for President Trump to nuke these pyramides?
That would be too harsh? I here you. I here you.
That’s why you should volunteer to go to Egypt, pick in hand, and bring these evil symbols of slavery down with your own hands.
Have fun!

Some loose thoughts on current events.
Revenge was the topic of some of the great works of cinema and literature like “Ben Hur” and Alexandre Dumas’ “Count of Monte Christo”.
In 1974 the movie “Death Wish” which also had as its main theme the topic of revenge, was released.
Regardless of the controversy the movie had sparked and regardless of whatever you think of this movie, the movie highlighted the problem of rampant crime in America’s inner cities.
The Left’s hysteric reactions to the trailer for the movie’s 2017 remake are mindblowingly stupid.
How stupid has one to be to critize a movie that one has not seen because it isn’t even released yet?
That’s why I can only comment on what we already know about the movie.
The mere fact that more than 40 years after the original release you can still find American cities, in this case Chicago, which can serve as a realistic backdrop for the movies’ plot is damning to the Democrats who almost exclusively run these cities.
Secondly, the movie exposes the Left as utterly hypocritical.
The same Left that condemns the movie supports extrajudicial acts of revenge done by BLM and other radical groups. The only difference is that the movies’ main character is on a individual crusade of revenge while the Left’s favoured groups are doing it collectively as a raging mob. “No justice. No peace.”

This brings me to Europe where a massive wave of illegal, mostly muslim immigration causes a dramatic rise in rape, violent and non-violent crime.
Here in Germany the state is primarilly concerned with covering up the crime and producing statistcs that are minimizing the impact of this immigration wave that continues without any impediment.
The European elites who want everything run or controlled by the state are refusing to deal effectively with the crime by securing Europe’s borders and by deporting criminals.
That’s because they have a goal that is more important to them.
Unlike in real democracies where the people elects the goverment they are electing a new people. A people that, so they think, doesn’t have these antiquated notions of national souverignity, national self-determination and local governance. They are electing a people that, so they think, doesn’t stand in the way of the creation of a European superstate which already regulates the size and shape of bananas.
The Left which, thanks to the generally greater faith in the state by Europeans, has much deeper roots in Europe than it has in America is, unfortunately, much closer to its goal than it ever has been.
The Left does not trust the individual to run his own life because the flaws of the individual lead to all kinds of real or perceived problems like social injustice etc.
Therefore, in the view of the Left the state has to run and control everything.
But there is a fundamental error in this argument and it is this: Any state, no matter what kind of state, is run by a collection of individual persons with their own flaws and that is why no state can be the more just, better entity that the Left claims that it is.
To believe, as the Left claims that it does, that the state is better than the individual, it has to ascribe divine attributes of perfection that the individual lacks to the state, which makes the Left’s word view a religion. I call it etatheism (etat = state), the deification of the state.
Ironically, the people who have more faith in the state than the Americans, the Europeans, should have the least faith in the state because it was here in Europe, in Hitler’s Germany and in Stalin’s Russia where the state murdered its own citizens by the millions. It was in Mussolini’s fascist Italy and in Franco’s Spain where the state oppressed its citizens. It was in communist Eastern Europe where the state deprived its citizens of the most basic human rights and where it crushed the opposition with tanks and soldiers.
Flaws of individuals can have harmful and undesired effects but flaws of individuals who are collectively running states are magnified by orders of magnitude because of the state’s almost unlimited power and reach (compared to a single individual).
It is because of this great potential of the state to cause destruction and to prevent or diminish prosperity that the state needs to be as least powerful as possible and to interfere as least as possible in the individual’s affairs.
Leftists will, of course, counter my argument by saying that we can eliminate man’s flaws by creating a new system that will create a new man.
But again, the Left is stuck with the same problem. In order to create a flawless, perfect system which eliminates the flaws of the individual, the individuals who are creating the system have to be flawless and perfect themselves.
Again, one has to ascribe divine attributes of perfection to the persons devising such a system.
In the case of Marx we don’t have to guess. He was not only flawed. He was despicable.
While Marx was attacking capitalism for its exploitation of the working class he adopted for himself the lifestyle of an aristocrat and he sexually exploited his handmaiden Helen Demuth with whom he had an illegitimate child that he attributed to his friend Friedrich Engels who was willing to play his part in this charade.
While in exile in London, Marx was a paid informant for the Austrian police reporting on revolutionary exiles and getting 25$ for each bit of information.
One who he betrayed was Ruge, an intimate friend of Marx with whom he exchanged cordial letters.
Marx said some bad things about Jews and he called Blacks niggers.
He had no love for anyone and he was filled with rage. He never gave any indication that he particularilly cared for the working class.
In his poems Marx expressed his intense hatred for humanity and for God.
God he wanted to dethrone. The world he wanted to turn into ruins. Humanity he wanted to lead into the abyss.
These are just some of his flaws which are too many to mention here.
One flaw though that pops out among all the others was that he hardly ever worked in his life but that he always lived on other people’s money. From Engels alone he got six million French francs.
But whether it was his father’s money, his mother’s money or Engel’s money, it was never enough. Marx, born into a wealthy family, squandered it all and never could get enough of it. Does that sound familiar? Spending other people’s money and never getting enough of it?
Some view Marx as a genius economist but Marx lost much of his money at the stock exchange. So much for the genius economist.
Given all these flaws and Marx’s hatred for humanity and for God, marxism/communism is precisely the rotten, stinking, soul-crushing, freedom-robbing, impoverishing and murderous system we can expect it to be.

Back to the US.
I’ve never seen such hysteria and such a broad media propaganda campaign as I see with all the “Russia collusion” circus.
Granted, there are a parts of the Republicans who want Trump ousted from power, no matter how it’s done but the Democrats would go to any extreme to take President Trump out.
The Democrats pretend that they don’t like Putin.
If true, it’s certainly not because of Putin’s methods since the Democrats use or try to use exactly the same methods as Putin does in his “managed democracy”.
Both the Democrats and Putin share the same utter disregard for the will of the people. Both are running the state like the mafia. Both use the media as their propaganda arm. Both use the deep state as a weapon to destroy, criminalize and intimidate their adversaries. Both show no regard for the rule of law when it doesn’t serve their aims.
Ok, there is one difference but it’s just about the only one.
The Democrats are not yet killing their adversaries and they are not yet poisoning them with polonium.
But something tells me that the Left and the Democrats would not mind some nutjob killing President Trump.


Further useful information on Marx:
– “Marx and Satan” by Richard Wurmbrand.
– “Marx’s Path to Communism”, an excellent article by Murray N. Rothbard.



Dear Atheists, you keep complaining about religious symbols in the public sphere.
You insist on removing all traces of religion from the public space.
I wonder why you don’t want to remove the biggest symbol of religious interference in public life.
Perhaps it’s because it’s such a big fat symbol that it is hidden in plain sight.
It’s the Sunday.
As you should know, the concept of working six days and resting on the seventh day is a concept that is entirely rooted in judeochristian theology.
Seriously, if I was an atheist, I would be offended that, based on the teachings about an imaginary sky daddy, I would be forced to stay away from work on Sundays.
Now, I understand that it’s pretty hard for you to call for the abolishment of the Sunday.
That would make you hated by 95% of humanity.
But how about working on Sundays on a volontary basis?
If you are an employee you should call your boss. I’m shure he can make some arrangements for you. Perhaps home office …
What do I hear? Crickets? I just wonder why …

A Tactical Mistake?

February 15, 2017

No question. The resignation of Mike Flynn is a big setback for President Donald Trump.
In their panic, the establishment, the Left, the globalsts and the media were trying desperately to do anything and everything to kill Donald Trump’s presidency in its infancy.
While fully enjoying their first major victory, Trump’s enemies might have made ia tactical mistake.
Instead of waiting for the perfect moment to kill (politically) Donald Trump they struck at the first opportunity but the resignation of Mike Flynn is not necessarilly a fatal blow.
So, this might be the wakeup call that President Trump needs in order to realize that, unlike in the world of business, this is total war, fought on every level and with every dirty trick imaginable.
If President Trump draws the right lessons from this and if he goes on the offensive he can use this first defeat to achieve ultimate victory.
In warfare an early defeat just at the right time sometimes can pave the wave for the greater strategic victory.

A little bit old but stll good.
Volkswagen Polo – Terrorist Commercial


When people from the political right talk about leftists they call them often stupid.
Well, that is certainly true in many cases but it fails to completely understand the nature of the Left.
If you are debating leftists, armed with facts, rigorous logic and modest debating skills, you are winning the argument every time. This, of course, might give you the impression that leftists are just stupid for defending world view that is so utterly inconsistent, so utterly contrary to reality, common sense and logic and hence utterly indefensible.
But this impression misses the full picture. You wll find that persons who are perfectly logical and reasonable in their line of work and in their field of expertise, throw logic, reason and common sense out the window when it comes to their world view. That kind of behaviour is not limited to the Left.
Case in point: Steven Hawking. This brilliant physicist who is highly regarded in his field of expertise, makes the most  fundamental philosophical error that perhaps only amateurs could make, when he talks about the unverse creating itself.
Well, in order for the unverse to create anythng it must already be in exstence. Somethng that doesn’t exist, can’t create anything.

Enter Mateo.
Mateo is a real person but Mateo is not his real name. While protecting his identity it is easier for me to talk about him when he’s given a name, even a false one.
The reason why I’m writing at all about him is because we’ve had a conversation that schocked me in these recent Christmas days.
Usually Mateo doesn’t want to talk about politics with me because he usually loses the argument, because he wants to keep living in his dream world and because he loves me. Lacking arguments he would have to hurt me and verbally abuse me because he has no other way to defend his crazy world view. The feeling of love is mutual. No, we’re both straight. It’s the kind of love you have for a brother. I know Mateo since we were both little chldren. In fact, I think I know his heart better than anyone on the planet, including himself. He is envious and he can be petty and ugly. He is ruthless and egotistical and in the pursuit of his personal goals he is willing to hurt even the ones he loves. On the other hand he is fiercely loyal. He would rather have his arms hacked off than betray you. He fights wthout regard for his life when he defends and protects those he loves or cares about. I know he would fight to the death for my sake.
With the same ruthlessnes and energy he pursues his own goals he helps those he loves when they need his help. He can be as selfless as he can be egotistcal.
As I’ve written elsewhere, I live in Germany. With the islamic terrorist attack in Berlin happening just a few days before, I didn’t give a damn about Mateo’s wishes to not talk about the topic of Islam and Germany’s “refugee” crisis when we met on Christmas.
That’s because I’m concerned with the safety and the lives of those I love (including Mateo himself).
The conversation quickly turned heated and at times ugly. As usual he was losing the argument. At one point he said: “there have to be not just people like you but idealists like me”. Following that, I shredded the notion of his “idealism” by exposing the contradictions in his “idealism” and by pointing out the effects his “idealism” has in the real world.
After some strawman arguments and ad hominems coming from him he was reduced to this: “I don’t want to be reasonable!”.
I was floored, speechless.
This really shocked me because not only here we have a grown man acting utterly childish but we have also a man who is unable to see that he sacrifices even those he loves on the altar of his insane leftist world view.
Now, I know that Mateo is definitely not stupid. Why then does he act stupidly?
The answer goes straight to the core of Mateo’s being.
Since he was a little child Mateo wanted always to have parents who would fulfil his desires, who would make sure that everything would turn out to be good and, most importantly, parents who would take responsibility for his life.
While these wishes are natural for a little child, in the course of his life Mateo wanted to stay a child. He refused to become fully adult. He wanted to stay a little child with the ability to do everything adults do.
As he was growing up he replaced real physical parents with abbstract ideas (lefist ideas) which promised paradise on earth and, more importantly, he replaced them with the parties, organizatons and states that represented these ideas.
This overpowering desire to stay a child explains Mateo’s polics. Leftist ideas, leftist organizations and the state have become Mateo’s psychological parents. This is the reason why Mateo clings to these “parents” even if they are killing the very people he loves.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing one can do to change Mateo. The only thing that could perhaps change Mateo would be his “parents” going directly after him in the way Hitler, Stalin and Mao did go after political “apostates”. But even then I’m not sure that he would change.

What do I want you to take away from this post? I want you to realize that leftists mostly cling to their ideas not because of rational, intellectual reasons but because of feelings, emotions, fear and psychological attachment to leftist ideas.
That is why they act stupidly in the defense of these intellectually bankrupt ideas. Like Islam, the leftists’ ideas cannot be rationally defended. That’s why both islam and the Left have to use threats, intimidation and violence to impose their ideas upon the rest of the world.
What should we do in light of all these facts?
We should continue pummelling leftists in the intellectual arena. We should expose and pummel them intellectually to the point where they have no resort other than to admit (explicitely or implicitely) that they have only emotional/psychologcal reasons for clinging to their ideas.
But if you are a conservative who thinks that this is enough, you are sadly mistaken.
Since the basis for being a leftist is to a great extend emotional/psychological you cannot change a leftist’s world view by purely intellectual and logical means.
The cultural marxists used means like film, music and art that appeal mostly to emotions and the psyche in order to pump their message subliminally into the population.
Remember the cultural revolution of the 1960’s? Many of the kids where not drawn in because the ideas of Mao and other marxists were brillant or intellectually attractive. The marxists’ ideas were as rotten then as they are now, Many of the kids were drawn in by the good feelings, free love, the music, the girls, the sex, the drugs and the rock and roll.
This is the open flank of conservatives and all non-leftists. The Left completely dominates film, music and art.
If we want to appeal to the emotions of the leftists we have to invest more rescources in these areas. We have to take these areas over from the Left. We need more films, for example, like “American Sniper”.
Such a takeover will take a long time. Until that happens we must develop creative and low-cost ways to achieve the same results in our daily lives. I’m convinced that this endeavor is worth the while because I’m convinced that the majoriy of the leftists are not completely lost causes like Mateo.

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