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July 11, 2019

There are a lot of good reasons why every citizen should have the right to bear arms.
Usually it is conservatives who are making the argument for the 2nd amendment.
In this post though I will make the case for the right to bear arms from the Left’s point of view.
As you will see, this case is even stronger than the case made by the Right.
So, if you are a conservative, forget for a moment that you are a conservative and view the world through the Left’s lens.

Leftist mode ON

In a time of widespread systemic racism and the killings of unarmed black people and other minorities by a brutal, racist police, shouldn’t we advocate for the right to carry arms, especially for blacks? If black lives matter, shouldn’t our black brothers have the means to defend themselves against those racist, fascist police pigs?

The rise of  a racist, fascist scumbag like Donald Trump to power should give us pause to reconsider our position on gun control.
Trump, who is like Hitler and who like Hitler attacks the press and the institutions of democracy and who is having concentration camps at the southern border, has shown where he wants to lead Amerikkka. Trump is militarizing the state and he is having tanks brought to the streets, using the opportunity of a military parade to do so.
Shouldn’t we learn from history? Trump is creating a climate of antisemitism which already has lead to the violent deaths of Jewish people in this country.
As it was the case in nazi Germany, this is only the beginning. As it was in nazi Germany, the Jews were murdered first by street thugs with the tacit approval of the state. It was only later that Hitler used the full force of the state to implement the mass murder and extermination of the Jewish people.
Shouldn’t we prevent another Holocaust? Don’t you think a Jew in nazi Germany would have loved to have a weapon to defend himself against that monstrous regime?
It was not only the Jews that were imprisoned and murdered by Hitler’s henchmen. It was also communists, socialists and everyone deemed an enemy of the state and anyone deemed undesirable. It was only logical that Hitler took the guns away from the general population.
If Trump is like Hitler then it is suicidal to disarm ourselves.

Even if we get rid of Trump, who can assure us that another one like him or even a worse one – yes that’s possible – will not grab the power of the state in this deeply racist country?
After all, no one thought that it was possible that Trump could win. After all, no one thought that such a hateful excuse of a person could ever become president.
Shouldn’t we learn from this? We should always be prepared. We should always be armed in order to be able to fight tyrants like Trump if and when they come after us.
Once the full force of the goverment ist turned against an unarmed population it’s too late.
Trump is still in power and even if he goes we cannot exclude the possibility that another possibly worse dictator grabs power.
Therefore, gun control and the banning of guns should be the last thing we want. EVER!

Leftist mode OFF

Artaxes mode ON

If the Left believes its own rhetoric, then the LEFT should be the fiercest, most zealous, most passionate defender and advocate for the right to bear arms and the LEFT should be the one to hold the 2nd amendment to be sacrosanct.

June 29, 2019

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For many years Europeans were used to the US carrying most of the burden of defending Europe against the military threat of the Soviet Union and later against the threat of its successor the Russian Federation.
With the advent of “America first”, a policy that sometimes resembles good old isolationism, that era seems to come to an end.
Given Europe’s widespread anti-Americanism one would think that Europe would welcome such an opportunity to become independent from the “hegemon” America with open arms. One would think that Europe would cheer at the prospect of having all US troops leaving Europe.
Instead Europe reacts with fear, insecurity and crazy conspiracy theories.

US-President Donald Trump is right when he calls for Europe to pay its fair share of NATO.
There was a time when it was necessary for the US to carry the lion’s share of Europe’s military defense.
After the second world war Europe was economically bankrupt, flattened and laying in ruins.
Millions had died in wars, in famines and in concentration camps.
There was nothing that could prevent Stalin’s Red Army from steamrolling over Europe except a massive American military presence in Europe.
Europe’s economies and Europe’s militaries had to be built up with huge economic support from the US (the Marshall plan) in order for them to make any meaningful contribution to Europe’s defense.
Today it’s a very different story. Europe’s combined GDP is greater than that of the US and Russia is viewed by the US as a greater threat to Europe than to the US.

Why is Europe refusing to pay its fair share of NATO?
The answer is that, obviously, Europeans do not view Russia as a threat.
This, of course, is not true for the countries that were involontary members of the former Soviet bloc but for the rest of Europe it is.

Why then have Europeans uneasy feelings at the thought of the US leaving them alone and forcing them to defend themselves?
The answer has to do with Europe’s history.

The EU is selling the myth that it is the institution of the EU that is guaranteeing peace in Europe by having the European countries trading and working with each other instead of shooting at each other. This myth has become the EU’s reason of existence and everytime the unelected EU bureaucrats see their power threatened by attempts to take power away from them and giving it to the nation states and their peoples the horror scenario of a return to nationalism and war is invoked.
The truth, however, is that it was never the EU that kept the peace in Europe.

It was the massive presence of US military on European soil and the threat of Soviet aggression as well as the integration in the NATO alliance that forced self-restraint and discipline upon the Europeans.
It is no coincidence that after an unprecedented period of peace the wars in Yugoslavia erupted just when the Soviet Union had collapsed.
It became abundandly clear that Europe was not able to handle the situation and in the end the US had to come to the rescue.

For all its glorious culture and splendid civilization, Europe is a continent that through its history of thousands of years was almost constantly plagued by wars, massacres and pogroms. The current era of peace is unprecedented in Europe’s history.

This brings me to Europe’s dirty little secret.
Many Europeans view Americans as unsophisticated, uncultivated cowboys but deep down Europeans know that under the thin crust of European civilization war, barbarism and brutality is never far away. We Europeans know what we are capable of doing. The carnage of two world wars is ample proof of it.
The thing that Europeans fear most are other Europeans.

There is perhaps a better, brighter future but the EU is not the solution.
Other than its name “European Union” implies the EU causes increasingly division and antagonism among the European countries. Brexit and the dispute between the EU and the Vizegrad states with regards to the “refugee crisis” are only the most recent examples.

Getting In The Mood …

December 15, 2017

Come, oh come, Messiah. This crazy world needs you badly.

Come, oh come, Prince of Peace.

The George Harrison Tactic

December 14, 2017

When engaging with leftists and racists, we should use the George Harrison tactic more often.
Since most leftists are not independent thinkers, this tactic should work great.
What is the George Harrison tactic? Well, the tactic is best explained by Harrison himself.

From the article Rock and the Counterculture of the 1960s:

In Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord,’ he praises the Hindu god Krishna, and almost imperceptibly switches from the word ‘hallelujah’ to the phrase ‘Hare Krishna.’

Harrison said ‘I wanted to show that Hallelujah and Hare Krishna are quite the same thing. I did the voices singing ‘Hallelujah’ and then the change to ‘Hare Krishna’ so that people would be chanting the maha-mantra before they knew what was going on!…My idea in ‘My Sweet Lord,’ because it sounded like a ‘pop song,’ was to sneak up on them a bit. The point was to have the people not offended by ‘Hallelujah,’ and by the time it gets to ‘Hare Krishna,’ they’re already hooded, and their foot’s tapping, and they’re already singing along ‘Hallelujah,’ to kind of lull them into a sense of false security. And then suddenly it turns into ‘Hare Krishna,’ and they will all be singing that before they know what’s happened, and they will think, ‘Hey, I thought I wasn’t supposed to like Hare Krishna!…It was just a little trick really.’ (Harrison, Krishna web site, http://introduction.Krishna.org/Articles/2000/08/00066.html)

In the following example I show how we can apply the George Harrison tactic in the political discussion. I have tried to use George Harrison’s tactic more effectively then George Harrison himself.

Can you spot the Hare Krishna?
Have fun!

The Racist’s Secret Superweapon

My friends. today I want to talk about a weapon that is not much talked about. It is a weapon that is used to great effect by the same system that uses structural racism in order to keep minorities down. It is a weapon used by the people who are oppressing their fellow human beings based on gender, race and religion in order to maximize their own, mostly white, power.
Before white Europeans set foot in America, Africa, Asia, Australia and India they had already invented a system of oppression. This system was designed and used by rich, white, exclusively male, feudalistic rulers in order to enrich themselves and to live a life of luxury and splendor with insatiable greed for power while the masses were languishing in unspeakable squalor, pain, illness, hunger and darkness.
The perverse, evil genius of the system was that not only did it enable the white oppressors’ resource draining lifestyle but it kept the masses permanently down.
You will understand the evil genius of the system when you see how it has developed over time.
It all began with superstition. It began with “sacred” Christian scripture. The Christian bible calls the believer (in this cosmic nonsense) to give a tenth of his income (the Tithe) volontarily to the church.
A big part of the tithe was supposed to go to the poor but as you can guess, that never worked really well. Thanks to seven centuries of religious brainwashing the masses offered less resisitance than they would have without the brainwashing when the tithe became mandatory in the 8th century. At that point in time only 25% of the tithe was supposed to go to the poor.
By the 12th century the tithe had become a tax that was collected by the feudal rulers. The part that was going to the poor was whatever the feudal ruler and the church wanted to give (which was practically nothing).
Resistance was futile now. The tithe was now a tax that was collected by brutal men at the point of the sword.
The feudal ruler and the church were the state. Under the pretense that the state collected the money for the benefit of the poor the state collected a tax from the poor.
You may think that a 10% tax is not much but these were very different times. First, the nominal tax rate of 10% could (depending on definitions and calculations) reach up to a 30% actual tax rate.
Second, agriculture was very primitive and therefore production was low. This meant that the farmers were always on the very edge of survival and always just one step away from starvation.
It’s obvious that the white feudal rulers used taxation not only as a means to enrich themselves but they used it as a weapon to keep the poor permanently poor.
We know that money is power. Being barely able to keep themselves alive, those poor farmers were not able to become financially indenpendent or to organize any form of resistence.
They could not hire mercenaries like the farmers in the movie “The Magnificent Seven”.
Those who could not sustain themselves and their families any longer could give themselves into eternal bondage by becoming serfs. They were given a patch of land which they were allowed to work and to keep what was left after taxes payable to their master.
Serfs owned nothing. They were the property of their lord. When the land on which they lived was sold they became the property of the new owner. They were inherited together with the land. Serfs could not leave the land without their master’s permission and their children would die as serfs just like their parents.
Before white Europeans had colonized the world they have had perfected a system of serfdom and slavery on their fellow white Europeans.
In medieval Europe most white Europeans lived themselves in serfdom and slavery.
The weapon the white feudalists used was taxation. By using that deadly superweapon they kept  themselves rich and they kept the poor in a permanant state of helplessness. No competition for the feudalist!
All this was only possible because the feudalists were the state. Only the state can use the weapon of taxation to keep itself in power. Only the state has the power to keep the poor permanently poor.
Since we know that white racists are running the state we should give this state as little power as possible. This means that this state should get as little taxes as possible. Rember? Money is power.
The less taxes the state collects, the less power it has. The less power this racist state has, the more power WE have. Cut taxes now! Starve the racist monster!

Antifa claims that it fights Fascism. Is this really true?
Let’s forget for a moment that Antifa uses the same methods that Fascists and Nazis use.
Let’s forget for a moment that Antifa displays the same intolerance and hate that the Fascists and Nazis do.
If Antifa was truly about fighting Fascism it would welcome with open arms people from across the whole political spectrum in its ranks.
It would welcome Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives. Among the people mentioned there are plenty who are vehemently opposed to fascism.
Instead, Antifa attacks conservatives and everyone else who does not support their radical leftist goals.
The people who really DID FIGHT Fascism during WW2 would be smeared today as Fascists and racists.
The boys and men who fought and died on the beaches of Normandy, in the hills of Italy and in the forests of France, under the very flag that Antifa defecates upon.
The boys and men who freed human beings in Germany’s concentration camps, they would today be considered Fascists by Antifa.
And it wouldn’t matter whether these boys and men were Democrats or Republicans because, thanks to the constant left shift of the political spectrum, most Democrats and Republicans in these days were politically to the right of Donald Trump or moderate Republicans today.
No, Antifa is a collection of radical leftists and admirers of Stalin and Mao who want to create a world that is not much different from the world that the Fascists wanted to create.
So, let’s call it not Antifa. Let’s call it what it really is: Prostata. The pro-Stalinist terror association.

The moderately extreme Left, the extremely extreme Left, indeed all of the unamerican American Left as well as black racists and white racist Democrats are going completely bananas these days.
They are going full Taliban / Islamic State.
Like these barbarians they are beginning to destroy all works of art that represent something they don’t like.
I have to ask all you leftist and antiwhite racists:
Why stop at confederate statues?
Why not destroy ALL symbols of slavery?
Why not blow up the pyramides of Egypt?
After all, the pyramides of Egypt are the biggests symbols of slavery.
They were build by slaves for the biggest, unapologetic slave owners, the pharaohs who viewed themselves as gods and the rest of humanity as slaves.
Don’t give me the crap that this would violate Egyptian or international law. You don’t care about the law anyway. You are already tearing down statues illegally.
That would be an act of violence? So what! You are already committing acts of violence by destroying art you don’t like.
So, you leftists out there, why don’t you call for President Trump to nuke these pyramides?
That would be too harsh? I here you. I here you.
That’s why you should volunteer to go to Egypt, pick in hand, and bring these evil symbols of slavery down with your own hands.
Have fun!

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