Ah, The Good Old Days

Telling the facts is one thing. Telling a story is a completely different one.
It is an art.
Lindsay Graham, no, not THAT Lindsey Graham, is a gifted storyteller and a producer of several different podcasts.
He knows how to keep your attention and so, over the weekend I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Season 42 of the podcast “American Scandal”: Edward Snowden.

Several times when I heard the word “shocking” I couldn’t help thinking that compared to the time we’re living in that was a joke.

In just ten years Western goverments have gone so far, their overreach has become so gross, the institutions have become so weaponized, the rule of law has become eroded and individual rights are so routinely trampled upon that the time of the Edward Snowden scandal looks to me like the good old days.
Ah, those were the days when we could still be shocked by the uncovering of mass surveillance.

Edward Snowden | Meet the Press

Edward Snowden | Read, Write, Execute

Edward Snowden | Going Public

Edward Snowden | Exile

Edward Snowden | The New Mass Surveillance


Up to now my theory on the whole pandemic was that it was caused by an unintentional lab leak which was exploited to its fullest.
It was used to implement the measures that advance the goal of the “Great Reset” aka “Build Back Better” aka “Green New Deal”.
However, not even I could fathom the evil that might be the true cause of the pandemic.

On May 3, 2023, Dr. David E. Martin gave a presentation before the 3rd International Covid Summit in Brussels.
To call this presentation explosive would be an understatement. It’s a nuclear blast the seismic waves of can still be detected despite the mainstream media silence.
Dr. Martin explains that the beginning of weaponization with coronaviruses dates back to 1965, and he enumerates the steps of this weaponization up to 2020.

The most schocking detail is that, as David Martin claims, the wuhan virus was intentionally released.
Now, I don’t repost videos from the internet just because they make sensational claims.
Unlike our mainstream media I care for the truth and I don’t want to spread lies invented by some wacko.
That’s why I did my due diligence and verified the most damning evidence.

First, Dr. Martin’s full presentation:

For more context and background on Dr. Martin, please watch this video:

The evidence

In 2015 Ralph Baric submitted a study titled “SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence”.
Baric, along with the “bat lady” Dr. Zhengli-Li Shi, was involved in gain of function experiments on corona viruses.
In the Acknowledgements we read:

“We thank Dr. Zhengli-Li Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology for access to bat CoV sequences and plasmid of WIV1-CoV spike protein.”

How convenient. He predicted a virus outbreak of the very virus he and the bat lady were working on.

Here is Peter Daszak’s 2016 “money quote” (pun intended) from this article:

“To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of process.”

In January 2017 Anthony Fauci claimed that ‘No doubt’ Trump will face surprise infectious disease outbreak.

On March 2, 2019 the bat lady published an article in which she stated:

“Thus, it is highly likely that future SARS- or MERS-like coronavirus outbreaks will originate from bats, and there is an increased probability that this will occur in China.”

And now, the kicker.
On March 28, 2019 Moderna filed a patent application in which Moderna states:

“Because of a concern for reemergence or a deliberate release of the SARS coronavirus , vaccine development was initiated.”

You can view the full patent document here or here.

Why in the frigging hell did they have concerns that a coronavirus could be deliberately released?
Why was their concern so great that they started vaccine development?
How on earth could they know that it was a coronavirus and not some other kind of virus that would emerge?

They might have lied just to get the patent approved, but working on a vaccine when no coronavirus would appear would have been a lousy investment.
The only answer that makes sense is that they knew that a release of a coronavirus was imminent.


In my view, the circumstantial evidence makes it almost impossible to sustain the “accidental lab leak” theory any longer.
That’s my view but don’t take my word for it.
Please, verify the evidence for yourself, do your own research and come to your own judgment.

Back To Humans – Part 1 – Computers Are Stupid

This is part 1 in a multipart series exploring the nature, the promise, the dangers and the future of AI and its implications for humanity.

With all the hoopla surrounding artificial intelligence, there are so many misconceptions floating around that I think it’s necessary to set some things straight.

The most important thing you need to know about computers is that they are incredibly stupid.
Let me repeat that: computers are incredibly stupid.
Oh, did I mention it already? Computers are incredibly stupid.

Since it was clear very early in my youth that I was going to have a hard time realizing my childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, I got busy with the other thing that fascinated me just as much: computers.
Since then I have been intensively involved in computer programming as a hobby and for over twenty years as a professional programmer/software developer.

The computers I was dealing with and that I’m still dealing with were and are completely different from the computer of the spaceship Enterprise.
They’re absolutely stupid and you have to tell them to the smallest detail what to do. They know nothing and think nothing. They don’t even know what numbers or letters are. They are just machines that carry out one instruction after another. They only do what they are told to do. They have no will of their own.

Just as an excavator is the extension of human extremities, a computer is the extension of the human brain.
Both machines do nothing by themselves.
The excavator is absolutely motionless and the computer does nothing without human command.

What is the greatest strength of a computer?
It does exactly what it is told.

What is the greatest weakness of a computer?
It does exactly what it is told.

The computer does exactly what you SAY, not what you MEAN.
If you or I find a note with the following text, we know exactly what to do: “Get me a bottle of Diet Cole, please”.
Not so the computer. Since the computer knows nothing and thinks nothing it cannot possibly do what you mean.
It either does nothing or the wrong thing.

Now, you might say that when you type the above sentence (without the double quotes) in a search engine, it does automatically the search you wanted.
Yes, that’s true but that’s only because some programmer told the computer how to search more intelligently.
Without that programming the computer would fail spectacularly.

Now, if I wanted to teach you how to program computers, I would show you how to program code in a higher programming language like C++ or Visual Basic, but to show why computers are stupid, it is better to take the bottom-up approach, i.e. from primitive to higher.

At bottom computers are electronic circuits consisting mainly of transistors. Modern microprocessors (CPUs) have millions or billions of transistors.

Remember how I told you that computers don’t know anything about numbers?
How can a computer then do calculations with numbers?
The answer is as simple as it is ingenious.

How computers handle numbers

Numbers are converted into their digital representation which the computer can then process in primitive steps that require no knowledge of numbers.
Let’s look at the number 215.
215 is the decimal representation of 2×102 + 1×101 + 5×100.
The decimal number system is the one we all know and love because it is intuitively understandable due to the fact that we have 10 fingers.

The number 215 written in digital/binary form is
which is the binary representation of
1×27 + 1×26 + 0x25 + 1×24 + 0x23 + 1×22 + 1×21 + 1×20.

The digital system requires only the two digits 0 and 1 and it is primitive enough to be used by computers.
One binary digit, also called a bit, can be stored in a circuit called a flip-flop which consists of 6 transistors and which can have two states. One state represents 0, the other 1.
8 such bits are called a byte and can represent a number from 0 to 255.
Your computer memory aka RAM is usually organized in bytes. Unlike the CPU it uses capacitors instead of flip-flops to store bits.

How computers do math and everything else …

Now that we know how computers store numbers, let’s do some math.

Almost everything that a computer does is based on logical operations which are applied to either 1 or 2 bits. Complex tasks are sequences of such logical operations.
The basic logical operations are NOT, AND, OR and XOR. Just like the storage of bits each operation can be done by a dedicated electronic circuit.
The NOT operation is applied to only one bit and its result is the negation of that bit.
The AND operation is applied to two bits. If bit A and B are both 1, the result is 1 otherwise it’s 0.
The OR operation is applied to two bits. If bit A or B are 1, the result is 1 otherwise it’s 0.
The XOR operation works like the OR operation except that the result is 0 if BOTH bit A and B are 1.

Operation NOT

Bit ABit BResult

Operation AND

Bit ABit BResult

Operation OR

Bit ABit BResult

Operation XOR

Bit ABit BResult

Armed with that knowledge, let’s look at how a computer adds numbers.
Numbers are added by adding their individual bits.
Two bits are added thusly:

Addition of bit A and bit B

Bit ABit BResultCarryover (Carry Flag)

The last row deserves special attention. It shows what happens when the result is greater than a single digit.
It’s like adding the decimal numbers 13 and 19.
When you are usig the time-honored method of adding two numbers on paper the following happens:
Adding the number 3 and 9 gives the result 12. Since the result is two digits wide you write the number 2 down and you note the number 1 as a carryover.
Then you move one digit left and add the numbers 1 and 1 plus the carryover.

We can do the same with binary numbers. Let’s add the number 2 and 3.
The binary form of 2 is 10 and that of 3 is 11.

So, that’s in theory the way to perform additions on a computer but how can we do that if the computer knows knothing about additions or numbers?
Our logical operations can do the magic. You may have noticed that the XOR operation does exactly what we need to add two bits.
We can add two bits by performing the following logical operations:
((bitA XOR bitB) XOR carryFlag) gives the result.
(bitA AND bitB) OR ((bitA OR bitB) AND carryFlag) gives the carryover/carry flag for the next bit.

Now you know how computers work on a very basic level.
Of course, we could go even deeper and look at how different circuits, registers etc. work but that would neither be feasible nor am even I crazy enough to do that.

If you have understood 80% of what you’ve read so far you know more than 90% of the people.
You also understand why computers are incredibly stupid.

In the next part we go level by level up and explore how AI works.
What you have learned and what you will rearn will enable you to understand the nature, the promise, the dangers and the future of AI and its implications for humanity.


This post is about an ever-increasing danger. It is the danger that comes from the irrational fear of and hatred for humanity.
Although the term misanthrope already exists, it does not apply perfectly and does not cover the irrational fear.
On the other hand, the term anthropohobia covers only fear.
I will still use the term anthropohobia because there is no more appropriate word for it. After all, the terms xenophobia and homphobia do not only refer to the fear of strangers and homosexuals, but also to the hatred of them.
I see no reason not to use the term anthropophobia in the same way.

Anthropophobia has always existed in one form or another, but never before has it been so prevalent as it is today.
Never before had it an ideological basis and a “scientific” excuse.
Never before had it been so dangerous.

Anthropophobia finds its most dangerous expression in the idea that humanity is a cancer on the planet and that it destroys the earth if left unchecked.
Humanity must be reduced in size and humans must be robbed of their freedom because man, if allowed to be free and do what he wants, will destroy the earth.
These ideas were once extreme and were voiced by radicals like Obama’s “Science” Czar John Holdren who proposed in his book “Ecoscience” forced abortions and sterilizations as well as a planetary regime with its own military to control mankind.
Although many are not yet that extreme, the basic ideas have gone more mainstream thanks to constant indoctrination and propaganda.

Why is today’s anthropophobia irrational?
It’s irrational because humanity does nothing more than any successful species has done since the beginning of life.
It changes the environment and other species/organisms adapt to that change. That’s a perfectly natural, perfectly normal process.
Why should we single out humanity for something that all organisms do?
When organisms that utilize photosynthesis emerged, the oxygen content of the Earth’s atmosphere was very low.
Over time these organisms changed the atmosphere drastically to the point that the atmosphere consists of 21% oxygen.
Of course, some organisms will adapt better than others.

The idea that humanity would run out of resources has been proven wrong time and time again.
Just like humanity expanded its sources of energy by utilizing coal, oil and nuclear energy and just like humanity expanded its source of food by using synthetic fertilizers, humanity will continue to expand the supply of resources it can utilize.
Even if the most dire predictions and worst case scenarios came true and the global temperature did rise by 5 degrees, that would be no existential threat to humanity or the planet.
About 5 milion years ago the global temperature was 5 degrees higher than in the industrial age and hominidae like Sahelanthropus had emerged 7 million years ago. These apes were biologically not that much different from us and they could live in such temperatures.

Neither would the levels of CO2 pose an existential threat because much higher levels of CO2 had existed in the earth’s history.

Today’s anthropophobia is a result of the environmental movement that began in the 1960s.
Although some of them were marxists, it was a diverse movement which was completely infiltrated and hijacked in the 1980s by marxists/communists which wanted to use the emergent movement against the system when they saw that the movement gained strength, popularity and political power.
They fomented hate for capitalism as the cause of environmental destruction but the hate against the system got a life of its own and turned into hate for humanity as a whole.

The anthropophobes are against anything that is normal and human. They want to radically change how we live, how we eat, how we move and travel and how we socialize. They want to destroy the family, natural immunity and any kind of freedom. They want to give animals and even computers the same or even more rights than humans because they thinnk that humans are nothing but animals or nothing but machines.
All anthropophobes, the transhumanists, the bio/pharma technocrats, the environmental fascists and the global oligarchs together with the marxists want to eliminate humanity in the form it exists today.
They are a greater threat to humanity than climate change could ever be.

Yes. It Is True. Lindsay Graham Invented March 32nd

I know, I know. I’m two days late. March 32 has passed and I’ve not delivered any believable fake news.
I hope it’s not too late to share with you the story of how March 32nd was invented.

As I’ve written elsewhere, I have a podcast addiction. The great thing about podcasts is that you can do other things while listening and as any radio afficionado will tell you: Listening to radio is completely different than watching TV. It’s like reading a book. The images are created in your mind and the associations/links to other things that are only on the surface unrelated happen much more often and are much deeper than the ones induced by watching TV.

One of the podcasts I listen to regularly is “History Daily”, a more immersive version of the usual “This day in history”.
The March 32 episode was just brilliant and funny.

To fully enjoy the episode on March 32 and to get some of the in-jokes I suggest the following.
First, visit the “about” page (very short read).
Second, listen to two randomly picked episodes on this page.
Third, listen to the episode titled “The Mystery of March 32nd”.

Veinte Anos

Today, while driving, I thought that these last three years were lost years, wasted years. Immediately a song popped up in my head. I absolutely love that song, Veinte Anos. Only music can turn pain and loss into something beautiful.
I wish that in the future free and happy lovers dance to beautiful songs of a long forgotten past loss.

The Return Of The Gods

I guess that many of you have asked these questions that I have asked myself.
How could all these crazy, insane and downright evil things happen that we have witnessed in these almost three years of pandemic?
How did human behaviour change so quickly and how did a mass hysteria take grip of whole societies?
How did all rational thought and the scientific method go out the window?
How did people get into a zombie-like state where they became inaccessible to any kind of reason, logic and common sense, accepting only the version of reality allowed by our governments as true and vehemently rejecting dissenting opinions from real experts?

How could decent people suddenly treat their fellow human beings with cruelty, cold-heartedness and indifference, and in many cases feel recognizable pleasure in doing so?
While most of us have the latent capacity to go from Dr. Jekyll to Mister Hyde, a lot of things usually have to occur for that to happen.
These things don’t just happen.

In my own way and in many posts I’ve described the insanity we’ve lived through. I’ve tried to find explanations but neither my own explanations nor the explanations of scientists/experts could adequately explain reality.

In my post “Revelation” I wrote “It’s as if a spirit of darkness and oppression has settled over the world.”
That’s how I felt then and that’s how I still feel. Something suffocating, something supernatural has settled over the world.
Naomi Wolf, a feminist and a “Liberal” was thinking in the same direction. The monstrous evil we have witnessed was too great to be rationally explained. After all, it’s difficult enough to explain individual irrational behaviour.and virtually impossible to explain such behaviour on a global scale.

Thanks to my podcast addiction, I found the only explanation that makes sense – at least so far.
Over the Christmas season I’ve listened to three episodes of the Monica Crowley Podcast in which she interviwed Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish minister, about his book “The Return of the Gods” (see here, here and here).
Cahn explains that the gods that were worshipped in the ancient, pagan world were spirits or demons which possessed humans.

As Christianty spread they were driven out. Now that more and more people in the West abandon God and Chrisitianity those same spirits find an empty house which they reinhabit and repossess.
Isn’t possession the word that best describes the behaviour of the people these days? Doesn’t it best describe their crazy, irrational destructive behaviour?
A possessed person is not susceptible to arguments and reason and totally blind to reality.

Cahn calls the process of the collective repossession of the West also the repaganisation of the West.
That’s a very apt description because, although Cahn doesn’t mention it, it is my observation that another distinctly pagan phenomenon has returned with a vengeance.
It’s the god-king, the ruler who is man and god at the same time like the Pharaohs, Roman emperors and other such rulers.
The modern god-kings are not yet worhipped as such but like the ancient god-kings they claim to have the superior knowledge and the right to dictate upon humanity how the “lesser” beings should live.

There are the god-kings who want to create a new man through social engineering and then there are the transhumanist god-kings who want to create a new, superior man through genetic engineering, turning humans into cyborgs and connecting them to an omniscient AI with superhuman intelligence. Of course, the masses would become slaves while only the god-kings would become like gods. Transhumanists even talk about immortality, about uploading your brain to some machine, thus enabling “you” to “live” forever.

Not all problems today are caused by the retreat/abandonment of Christianity but the ones threatening society and humanity certainly are.
A spiritual vacuum cannot exist longer than a second. It will be filled either with the spirits of darkness or the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit.
There is no neutrality in this war of good against evil that has been going on since the beginning of time.
Whether one likes it or not, whether one knows it or not, everyone chooses one side or the other every second of every day.
In the words of Bob Dylan:

But you’re going to have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You’re going to have to serve somebody
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re going to have to serve somebody

Cutesy time is over. Christianity must go on offense.
As powerful as the god-kings are and as powerful as the demons empowering them may be, they are nothing compared to the power of THE ONE AND ONLY true god-king, The Lord of lords, The King of kings, The Wonderful, The Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Understanding Mask Voodoo And Other Crazy Stuff

If you want to better understand what happened these last three years of covid madness you need to watch this video that was posted 4 years ago.
Slowly but steadily science is confirming what many of us knew all along. Wearing masks, lockowns and closing schools were completely useless, harmful and damaging to health and economy.
I knew from the beginning that masks and lockdowns were useless because we were never presented with robust scientific and empirical evidence that they work.

Many did go along because of fear and panic as well as threats and pressure by our goverments.
However, there is also another force at play here, as you will see in the experiment shown in the video.
You will better understand why people go along with the most stupid things.

ESG Alert

If you haven’t heared about ESG yet, I urge you to make yourself familiar with ESG.
In a nutshell ESG is a social credit score but it is applied to companies.
ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance and you better believe that it is the mechanism to force all the crazy, radical woke stuff upon as many companies as possible.
This webpage is a good starting point.

Many are still underestimating or ignoring ESG or they are thinking that ESG is something that is far away and that it doesn’t affect them.
It’s not that all companies that impose radical woke ideology on their staff and their customers are doing so volontarily. It is forced upon them by big, powerful companies like BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager (10 trillion dollars in assets) which is fully invested in ESG.

Simply put, if a company has a low ESG score then less or no money is invested in that company.
If a bank is applying ESG then good luck getting a loan with a low ESG score.
In short, companies which do not implement woke ideas will be starved of capital.
Since big companies have a significant influence on politics, as donors for example, this woke stuff will creep into politics even more than it does today.
May I also remind you that one of the reasons energy prices are so high is precisely because energy production has fallen due to radical environmentalism.

I work for a big, globally operating, multibillion dollar company and the US market is a very big and important one for the company.
I’ve seen this ESG stuff creep into our company over the last 8 months but the reason why I’m raising the alert now is because ESG IS REALLY TAKING OFF.
Our company is adding a whole division dedicated to ESG and related activities. Among other things the new division will provide our customers with tools which will help them to achieve the ESG goals.


Believe it or not but with regards to ESG you have more power than you have in politics. Your vote can be made worthless by election fraud but nothing can neutralize your disinvestment from companies, stocks, asset managers etc. that either apply ESG or that force ESG upon other companies. If you are offered an opportunity to state the reason for your disinvestment, let them know that it is because of ESG.
Invest only in companies that are not involved in ESG.

The same applies to you as a consumer. Give your business only to companies that don’t apply/enforce ESG and let them know.
I guess that in most cases you won’t have to dig very deep to find out if a company is involved in ESG.
Just click on the “About us” link and if you read things like “Our purpose is a just society” or “Diversity is crucial for our success” the company is most likely involved in ESG.
Spread the word. Inform others.

Finally, a practical tip for all who are constantly plagued by “woke spam” in their workplace. If you are using MS Outlook and you get multiple times a day emails telling you how wonderfully divers your company is, how they really care about inclusion or how sustainable they are, simply select the message in your inbox and press SHIFT+DEL. The email is deleted instantly and permanently without going to the trash can.

Moral Extremism In The Age Of Mass Psychosis

Extremism in its current usage is a word I don’t like because it’s pretty much meaningless.
It is used in a way that implies that being an extremist is morally bad. Usually it is used to paint critics of the current status quo or conservatives as dangerous, morally condemnable people. The people using the word in this way are often themselves the most radical, extreme people in the history of mankind, calling for the abolishment of fossil fuels, radical changes in diet like eating insects and other radical changes in society. The German magazine “Stern” went even so far as to ask “Is breathing damaging for the climate?”

The word extremism has no moral quality. The definition of extreme:
a: existing in a very high degree
b: going to great or exaggerated lengths : RADICAL
c: exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected

In a slaveholder society the one who calls for an end to slavery is the extremist.
In a society which accepts apartheid as the norm, the one who calls for desegregation is the extremist.
In a society which brutally punishes those who break the law in even the smallest way, the one who calls for proportionality is the extremist.

If we want to be able to derive moral judgements from the degree of extremism, we have to redefine the word “extremism”.
To better understand how we have to redefine extremism I strongly encourage you to watch the video below.
Please, ignore the cheap shots and the condescension. I promise you, you will still learn something valuable.

The speaker identifies five basic, universal elements of morality:

  1. Harm/Care (Care for other humans. Negative view of harm.)
  2. Fairness/Reciprocity
  3. Ingroup/Loyalty
  4. Authority/Respect
  5. Purity/Sanctitiy

While both Liberals and Conservatives care both equally about Harm/Care and Fairness/Reciprocity, Liberals care much less about Ingroup/Loyalty, Authority/Respect and Purity/Sanctity.
This poses a problem because all 5 elements are needed for a functioning society/civilization.
I redefine extremism thusly: Extremism is the assignment of a higher priority to few aspects of any system while assigning a lower priority to all the other aspects.
Liberals are morally more extreme than Conservatives because they prioritize 1 and 2 over the rest. There is an imbalance of priorities.
Now, let’s look at some examples.
First, a morally neutral example.
We design a car with the highest priority on speed and with the lowest priority on all other aspects. We don’t care about fuel efficiency, environment, weight etc.
We design the car with this priority in mind at the expense of all other aspects. This is an extreme design.

Second, an example of moral extremism.
Let’s say we have won a war against a foe who has comitted unspeakable crimes against humanity and who has comitted a genocide.
Our highest priority is to punish all who are guilty. Not one criminal shall escape punishment. Nothing else matters.
How do we do that? Well, the only way to ensure that no criminal goes unpunished is to kill all adults of the enemy’s population.
Extreme, you say? You’re damn right. This is absolute moral extremism but it follows logically from our moral priorities.

Now, let’s get away from the hypothetical and deal with real world examples.
If your highest priority is to prevent a virus from killing people at the expense of all other aspects and moral values, you are a moral extremist of the highest order. You don’t care about nuking your economy, traumatizing children, psychologically damaging adults, damaging the health of your population, installing a tyranny and a surveillance state, abolishing liberty, brutalizing protesters and even causing people to die. Yes people will die from vaccines or because draconian measures drive them into suicide but what do you care? They didn’t die from the virus and that was all that matters.

The whole climate insanity is another example of moral extremism which I won’t go into detail.
Instead I want to deal with the more pressing example of the Ukraine war.
You see, the moral extremists who have as their sole aim to defeat Putin don’t care about ruining our economies in the process, impoverishing our populations, causing hunger in the 3rd world, killing thousands and thousands of soldiers and civilians, damaging the environment, depleting and emptying our arsenals of weapons, ammunition and equipment, thus making us incapable of preventing Iran from going nuclear, aiding Israel and help Taiwan against a Chinese invasion/blockade.
Because Ukraine cannot defeat Russia they escalate more and more and they don’t care about risking nuclear war.
All these nutjobs care about is defeating Putin, no matter the costs.

We are living in extremely dangerous times because we are still in an age of mass psychosis. Many wo had bought the moral extremism of the pandemic hook, line and sinker and who fell victim to the irrational insanity it demands have switched seamlessly to the next moral extremism, the war against Russia. The more morally extreme someone is, the more, by necessity, they become irrational. Coupled with the mass psychosis which still exists this is a very dangerous cocktail that makes these people capable of doing the most insane things.

The only way out is a radical exposure of everything that happened during the pandemic, the lies, the crimes, the victims and the offenders.
For only if we deconstruct the pandemic craze, can we bring people back to sanity.